Residential and commercial developments

New buildings

New buildings

Andreas Sans (authorised signatory)
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Existing properties

Existing properties

Matthias Kläsle (authorised signatory)
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Developing projects – Realising ideas

Our experts are always developing unique property projects for you, backed up by these guarantees:

  • Our planning and construction standards meet the most exacting demands
  • Quality control by qualified experts
  • Quality assurance under the control of our own technical department
  • Most of the construction work companies we instruct are based in the region

Safeguarding of existing buildings

Our specialists are tasked with maintaining, changing the use or reallocating space and rooms of properties – always with the aim of sustaining the life of older properties for the people that use them.

  • Change from public to private ownership:
    Acquisition of large-scale housing areas needing renovation and reallocation respecting long-term social needs to create freehold dwellings.
  • Construction management:
    Since 1957, a state authorised construction management company handling all stages of a building project, from planning right through to the ultimate completion of the property. 

Current developments


2 to 4 room freehold flats
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Das Ensemble

Staufen i.Br.
2 to 4 room freehold flats
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"Habsburger Mitte"

Office & Retail Spaces
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