History of the Gisinger Group


Aged only 19, Robert F. Gisinger (1929-1993) starts his own business. This is only possible because his father, Robert Gisinger senior, has registered his son with the competent authority as having reached his majority. Robert F. Gisinger's first steps as an independent businessman are to trade in construction timber and clocks.


Robert F. Gisinger launches Südwestdeutsche Bau-Treuhand GmbH, a construction and property development company in Freiburg and so lays the foundations for the Gisinger Group. The roots of the company lie in the development of residential accommodation subsidised by state funding. At the time, Gisinger is one of only two state licensed construction management companies in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and in this period builds almost 1,000 rental and social housing units. Thanks to the company's targeted and commercial orientation, its growth forges steadily ahead. Gradually, new business avenues emerge in the property field.


Looking to the future, Robert F. Gisinger adds to his existing companies, Südwestdeutsche Bau-Treuhand GmbH and Gisinger Immobilien GmbH, by founding HANSA-Hausverwaltung, now known as GISINGER + SPITTLER Immobiliendienste GmbH and which has developed to become a modern service provision centre for property management.


To accommodate the company’s continuous growth, larger premises are needed. Gisinger builds an office and residential building in Raustrasse and moves in there. To make processes more efficient, the business is gradually divided into individual, dedicated companies.


Karl-Jörg Gisinger and Stefan Gisinger take over in the company and resolutely pursue their father's strategy with a blend of professionalism and passion. Only two years later, Gisinger acquires FREIWAG Freiburger Wohnungsbau AG, with over 11,000 m² of living space, partly from the city of Freiburg.


The company’s workforce of some 40 employees moves into its new headquarters in Heinrich-von-Stephan-Strasse, aka the 'axis of the future’, built by Gisinger itself.


Foundation of Gisinger SF-Bau GmbH. The engineers of Gisinger Schlüsselfertig-Bau plan, build and renovate residential buildings, office and business premises of all sizes, as well as commercial and industrial properties.


Today, Gisinger boasts over 80 staff, around 5,000 completed residential units and hundreds of commercial properties. The company has expanded its business fields, and still continues to develop new ideas, forging ahead into new directions and creating life-enhancing environments for its clients.